YouTube permanently bans Sebastian Gorka for pushing voter fraud conspiracy theories

bbc newsnight

Former senior adviser to Donald Trump-turned radio host Sebastian Gorka had his YouTube channel permanently suspended after getting his third strike on the platform in 90 days, Salon reports.

The reason for the suspension was his repeated pushing of debunked election fraud conspiracy theories. According to Salon, Gorka was pushing false claims about the election as recently as recently as last week in a video titled, “Can We Stop the Next Steal?”

Speaking to Salon, YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi said Gorka’s channel America First was booted for “repeated violations of our presidential election integrity policy.”

“As we’ve publicly shared, our presidential election integrity policy prohibits content uploaded after last year’s safe harbor deadline that alleges widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election,” Choi stated. “Any channel that violates this policy will receive a strike, and channels that receive three strikes in the same 90-day period are permanently removed from YouTube, as in the case of America First with Sebastian Gorka.”

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