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Alex Jones: Carrie Fisher may have been murdered by ‘starkillers’

Alex Jones can see a conspiracy theory in everything, and the recent death of legendary actress and author Carrie Fisher isn’t immune from his bizarre brand of paranoid trolling.

On his show this Tuesday, Jones theorized that Fisher was murdered by people who were seeking to profit from her recent book. He started out the segment with a slight disclaimer, then went right into it.

“I’m not going to kick off a conspiracy theory here,” Jones said. “But you hear about ‘starkillers’ — you have different stars that say as soon as you’re not big, as soon as your name isn’t big, as soon as you’re not making them money, whether you’re a rock n’ roll star or country star or a movie star, look out for when a big movie comes out about you or a big book… If you die though, it’ll make it incredibly valuable.”

Jones then suggested “the mafia that’s out in Hollywood” are the ones who do the killing, adding that “high powered people” he’s talked to confirmed that “indeed, this is something you’ve really got to worry about.”

Jones conceded that Fisher’s murder was unlikely, “but when you’ve got Joan Rivers saying ‘Michelle Obama is a tranny, everybody knows’ and a couple weeks later she gets killed in some plastic surgery, you know there’s an issue.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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