Greatest video ever shows protesters chasing David Duke away from anti-Confederate protest

“Racist, fascist, anti-gay! Right-wing bigot go away!”

That was the chant echoed by protesters when David Duke showed up on the scene.

Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard, showed up uninvited to a protest calling for the removal of a Confederate statue – and was quickly shown the exit by protesters who shouted him down.

Duke is running for Senate in Louisiana and showed up to counter the “Take ‘Em Down NOLA” protest in New Orleans, which is calling for the removal of a statue of Andrew Jackson.

“I tell you one thing. It was built by the forefathers of the European Americans who created this country and who gave us our constitution,” Duke told the crowd. “Who gave us our freedoms and they should not lose their rights and liberty in their own country. They should not have their statues taken down. They should not lose their culture of this society.”

“All I am is a person standing up for my people. I respect black people who stand up for their rights,” Duke said.

Duke finally exited the square thanks to the persistent protesters.

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