In case you’re not convinced: 1,800 studies conclude homeopathic medicines are bullshit

The overwhelming evidence against homeopathy is undeniable.

In a sweeping new Australian study, researchers have settled the question of homeopathy‘s effectiveness quite definitely: it simply doesn’t work.

The team from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council conducted a survey of 1,800 other studies of homeopathic medicines and discovered that 225 studies that were conducted rigorously enough to support critical analysis found “no good quality evidence to claim that homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions.”

The study’s authors expressed concern that those who continue to use homeopathic medicines in lieu of traditional medical approaches face real health risks.

Homeopathy’s roots run deep, and they’ve long been the subject of criticism from the established medical community. Developed over 200 years ago by a German physician with “no interest in detailed pathology, and none in conventional treatment and diagnosis,” homeopathic medicines are still used by some 4 million Americans today, despite these shady origins.

The difficulty faced by governmental organizations looking to convince the public of the risks of alternative medicines is well known, despite the numerous studies like the Australian team’s (studies drawing similar conclusions were released in 2002, 2010, and 2014).

Responding to the Australian findings, the head of the National Health and Research Council noted that there’s still bound to be “a tail of people who won’t respond to this report, and who will say it’s all a conspiracy of the establishment.”

News of the Australian study comes at a critical time, as a recently released National Health Interview Survey found the use of homeopathic medicines has been on the rise since 2012. A Canadian school of homeopathic medicine also recently came under fire for endorsing an anti-vaccination stance and promoting homeopathic “nosodes” as an alternative to traditional vaccination.

Whether or not the already well-known news of homeopathy’s shoddiness as an alternative to Western medicine will have any effect on the more gullible public remains to be seen. The industry’s increased sales since 2012, however, are not encouraging.

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  2. Helena

    July 29, 2016 at 4:43 am

    The Question is NEVER settled, just as Science is never Settled. This Story Smackes of Pharma Paid Propaganda, which consistently uses this Phrase.
    The Competition is heating up for the Drug Companies and as said in the article Vaccines are not being used. l think that this is the whole point in writing this Ambiguous Article, the Fear of the fall of Vaccines, and lost profits. By trying to Discredit Natural Therapies and calling people that obviously are benefitting from it, otherwise it would not be on the increase Gullible shows that they do not like the competition and the decrease of profits away from the drug cartel and the rise of sales since 2012 to natural therapies would of course as is stated not be encouraging.

    l have benefited greatly and do not use drugs for myself and my family at all. l overcame breast cancer 7 years ago when the surgeon told me that l was signing my own seat warrant if l did not follow standard procedure ,by not going with the 10 rounds of chemo, complete double mastectomy, radiation and then tomoxafin for 5 years that was suggested for me. l believe in building up the bodies immune system with medicine that has no side effects and and that is natural therapies for me. Why would you take medicine that has side effects and usually just masks a symptom instead of realising that the symptom is the body alerting you to a unbalance and if the immune system is strong and strengthened through natural therapies the body heals itself. Its what healed me of Cancer and l have not looked back since.

    This Article reminds me of Politics and how the opposition bags each other to stay in power. Why can’t we have both ? Natural and Drug Medicine . Freedom of Choice for the people. l think that we will be seeing a lot more bagging the opposition if Natural Therapies continue to Rise. l am not surprised by this article, Traditional Medicine tried to eradicate any type of Natural Therapies that had been in use for ever, at the Turn of the Century, so of course they do not want to see it return.

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