A Walmart somewhere thought a back-to-school gun display was a good idea

Walmart has issued an apology for a display found in one of its store that seems to suggest that guns were available for sale as back-to-school items.

After a photo showing a gun case with a sign placed on top saying “Own the school year like a hero” spread like wildfire on social media, people started demanding an explanation. “What are you suggesting?” one person asked according to CNN.

Speaking to CNNMoney, Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson says the retail giant is “working diligently” to identify the store where the display was shown.

Crowson told CNNMoney on Wednesday evening Walmart was still trying to find the sign and gun display. It wasn’t immediately clear if the sign had been removed. Earlier Walmart said it had identified the location and had removed the sign. But Crowson said that had been a mistake.

This latest marketing train wreck is reminiscent of the time a Florida Walmart constructed the World Trade Center out of Coke Zero boxes with a sign saying, “We Will Never Forget.”

Featured image via Twitter

Sky Palma

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