Accuser slams Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of Bill Cosby: ‘He raped me and threatened my life’

Lili Bernard appeared on The Cosby Show as a young actress. But in May of this year, she came forward as another accuser claiming that Bill Cosby raped her while she was under the influence of drugs he slipped into her drink.

Appearing on CNN this Thursday, Bernard had some harsh words for one of Cosby’s staunchest defenders, comedian Whoopi Goldberg, who’s clung to the idea that he should be considered innocent until proven guilty – despite the 45 women (so far) who’ve come forward with nearly identical stories of being raped by Cosby.

“He met with me under the pretense of meeting with producers who would further my career, and he surreptitiously, clandestinely slipped drugs into my blood and he raped me,” Bernard said to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

Bernard (second from left) with Bill Cosby and friends. [Pulse]
Bernard (second from left) with Bill Cosby and friends. [Pulse]
Bernard claimed that when she last saw the comedian at the “Cosby Show” studios in 1992, he told her, “As far as I’m concerned, Bernard, you’re dead. Do you hear me? You’re dead, Bernard. You don’t exist. I never want to see your face again. Now get the hell out of here!”

“I interpreted that as a death threat and feared for my life,” she said.

Watch Bernard in the video below, via CNN:

Featured image: 3News

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