Alabama Christian pastor to his congregation: ‘If you have a problem with Black people, you better shut your white mouth’

A sermon delivered early last month by an Alabama pastor is getting some renewed attention for its anti-racist message thanks to the folks over at

Rev. John Kilpatrick, pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, talked about the suffering of Black people throughout history, saying that you can hear the pain they endured when a Black person sings “one of those Black negro spirituals.”

When you experience hell, it comes out of the voice,” he said.

“If you’re one of those people that you got a problem with Black people or whatever, you’d better shut your mouth, because they’re God’s people,” he said. “You’d better hear what I’m saying to you. You’d better shut your white mouth.”

“I know some of you were raised in the deep South and you were raised by prejudiced people and bigoted people — you’d better get that out of your system … it’ll cause you to suffer right along with those masters, it’ll cause you to suffer right along with them. These are God’s people.”

Watch the video below:

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