Alabama Republican: We shouldn’t arm teachers ‘because most of them are women’

According to Alabama state Rep. Harry Shiver (R), we need to “protect our ladies” and not allow them to carry guns as teachers — for the simple fact that they’re women, reports.

During a Public Safety Committee hearing on Thursday morning, Shiver said that most women in general are “scared of guns” and shouldn’t be allowed to carry them in classrooms.

Speaking to Shiver doubled down on his comments and reiterated that guns are not very ladylike.

“I’m not saying all [women], but in most schools, women are [the majority] of the teachers,” Shiver told “Some of them just don’t want to [be trained to possess firearms]. If they want to, then that’s good. But most of them don’t want to learn how to shoot like that and carry a gun.”

“I’ve heard … that 75 percent of Republicans support it, but I was there live and in person and I know what it is like in the schools,” he continued. “Most women wouldn’t like to be put in that position. I know from South Alabama, they wouldn’t.”

Shiver was discussing a bill, sponsored by Rep. Will Ainsworth R-Guntersville, that would allow school systems to designate trained teachers and administrators to carry guns on school campuses.

Shiver is a retired physical education teacher and coach of 32 years in Bay Minette. He’s been a vocal opponent of the bill, which now heads to the House after receiving a favorable report in committee. He told he will likely abstain from voting on it.

Ainsworth’s bill to arm teachers was ultimately approved by the Committee.

Shiver’s objection to the bill wasn’t only based in his alleged distrust of women. He also argued reasonably that teachers who are armed could be shot by law enforcement in a live shooter situation.

“When a [police officer] bursts onto a site like that, they shoot the first one holding the gun out. They aren’t told that person is qualified [to carry a firearm],” he said. “They don’t know.”

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