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Alex Jones weeps on air over Trump’s airstrikes: ‘He’s crapping all over us’

InfoWars founder and career crackpot conspiracy theorist Alex Jones feels betrayed. On the heels of President Trump’s airstrikes on the Syrian regime, Jones ranted against the President’s now-broken campaign promise to not get the U.S. involved in any more foreign wars.

“If he had been a piece of crap from the beginning, it wouldn’t be so bad,” Jones said while fighting back tears.

“We’ve made so many sacrifices and now he’s crapping all over us. It makes me sick,” he said.

Jones, who had been an avid Trump supporter, said the Syria strikes were especially disappointing because Trump was “doing so good” in other aspects of his presidency.

“Trump’s now a fraud,” Jones declared. “Done.”

“They have broken Trump,” Jones said. Later, he promised to deliver a message to the president, saying, “If you ever call me again I’m going to tell you I’m ashamed of you.”

Jones has framed chemical weapons used in Syria as “false flag” operations, and that rhetoric has now inadvertently implicated Trump in the conspiracy, although Jones hasn’t directly fingered Trump as a participant (to my knowledge).

“I just feel like I just had my best girlfriend break up with me,” Jones said. “The left will make jokes but this ain’t funny, man.”

Jones is not the only figure from pro-Trump conspiracy land who’s voiced heartbrokenness over the airstrikes. Mike Cernovich, a pro-Trump figure who’s been associated with the alt-right (he denies this) and who was one of the original promoters of the Pizza Gate conspiracy theory, said in a live-stream during the airstrikes that the whole things was “unbelievable.”

“This is not what we voted for. This is definitely not what we voted for,” Cernovich said while he and his followers pushed the hashtag #SyriaHoax.

The question remains: what did they vote for? Trump’s history and current reputation as a lying flip-flopper with zero intellectual consistency is legendary. Apparently, some contradictions are too blatant for a even a crackpot like Jones to ignore.

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