Amy Klobuchar: ‘The difference between Greenland and Trump is Greenland isn’t for sale’

In the wake of President Trump‘s reported suggestion that the U.S. buy Greenland for its natural resources, the wave of mockery overtook social media, and a tweet fired off by 2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is blowing up in a huge way.

“The difference between Donald Trump and Greenland? Greenland is not for sale,” Klobuchar tweeted this Friday.

As of this writing, the tweet has been liked and retweeted well over 200,000 times.

According to reports, Trump staffers at first didn’t know if the President was being serious or not when word got around that he had floated the idea of purchasing the Danish territory, but it soon became apparent that he was serious when the idea was brought up over and over again.

Greenland’s premier Kim Kielsen rejected the idea outright.

“Greenland is not for sale and cannot be sold, but Greenland is open for trade and cooperation with other countries—including the United States,” Kielsen said in a statement according to Danish news agency Ritzau. “I hope it is a joke—to not just buy a country but also its people.”

Featured image via NASA HQ/Lori Shaull (Flickr)

Sky Palma

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