Anderson Cooper grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Taiwan call: ‘Obama never called Taiwan’

On CNN this Friday, Anderson Cooper grilled Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on her seemingly dismissive response to the president-elect’s breaking of a 37-year protocol of not recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign country.

Cooper noted that the U.S. doesn’t support Taiwan independence,” adding that a U.S. president “hasn’t apparently spoken to the leader of Taiwan since 1979.”

Referring to Sen. Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) tweet saying “this is how wars start,” Conway responded, “It sounds like Senator Murphy’s tweet is pretty incendiary and does not signal much of a shift from what seems to be the documented Democratic response to the election results,” adding that Murphy’s statement “is pretty negative and presumptive.”

“This has been long-standing U.S. policy towards China—not to recognize Taiwan,” Cooper reminded her.

“Right,” Conway responded. “Again, I can’t discuss anything beyond what’s been publicly said.”

“I don’t remember any discussions ever being asked about President Obama or president-elect Obama eight years ago at this time,” Conway added.

“Well he’s never spoken to the president of Taiwan. It’s new so that is why I’m asking,” Cooper explained.

“This is a break with U.S. policy,” Cooper said. “I mean, this is uncharted waters, you know, for decades”

Conway responded that Trump is “fully briefed and fully knowledgable about these issues on an ongoing basis.”


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