Ann Coulter: Americans will flee to Canada to escape Mexican immigrants

Appearing on Gavin McInnes’ Free Speech radio show, Ann Coulter added another chapter to her bizarre anti-immigrant book tour, saying that Canada should strengthen its borders in anticipation of fleeing Americans looking to escape the influx of immigrants into the U.S.

Coulter warned that “crazy diversity” is America’s problem, adding that the government should implement “a total moratorium” and eventually let in immigrants from ‘whiter’ countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom:

“Shut down all of the pro-immigration, anti-American groups. Shut down the entire immigration bureaucracy. We’ll get our files in order, we’ll assimilate the ones already here, and then we’ll start it up again and get more Brits and Dutch,” Coulter said.

McInnes, who is a Canadian immigrant, said, “When you say we’ll assimilate, the ones that you mean are the Canadian immigrants who came here in ’99. You wouldn’t want him to have to go back, right? If he brought a lot of jobs and he’s a safe guy.”

“Yeah, I think we’ll keep him,” Coulter responded. “It’s crazy how hard it is for Canadians to immigrate.”

Listen, via Right Wing Watch:

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