Ann Coulter is so horrible that people sided with an airline over her

This Saturday, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter went a little nuts on Twitter. But it wasn’t her usual nuttery. Coulter lashed out at Delta Airlines for allegedly giving away the “extra room seat” she had purchased.

Coulter’s tweetstorm started out with her calling Delta “the worst airlines, STILL…” adding that “it’s really not worth spending all that money on planes” when Delta’s staff gives your seat away.

Coulter’s rant turned oddly personal when she tweeted out a photo of a Delta flight attendant to her 1.6 million followers.

She also took a photo of the woman she alleges took her seat:

The rant finally prompted a response from Delta, who said Coulter would be refunded the $30 she paid to upgrade her seat, but added:

Usually, complaints about questionable behavior from airlines bring an overwhelmingly sympathetic response from social media, but Coulter’s airline woes didn’t get much support:

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