Ann Coulter to Republicans: ‘You don’t need to suck up to Trump anymore — he’s done’

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter appeared on the Unsafe podcast this week with a message to Republicans: Trump simply isn’t worth it.

According to Coulter, Trump’s influence on the GOP is waning. She compared his rise in politics to that of Sarah Palin’s, whose star power faded significantly after her running mate John McCain failed to win the presidency in 2008. She also compared people who still go to MAGA rallies to fans who follow the Grateful Dead around the country.

“They’re like Deadheads,” Coulter said. “They’re following him from place to place. He sings the same songs.”

Coulter mentioned a pair of Roger Stone emails she received from the Trump team — the first “slamming” Florida GOP Gov. and potential 2024 Trump opponent Ron DeSantis. The second email, Coulter said, was Stone “backpedaling” on his criticism of DeSantis.

“This suggests to me Trump is not the huge hit [he was],” she said, adding that recent poll numbers show that Republicans are growing tired of Trump.

“Republicans, it’s not the party of Trump. It’s safe to come back, and it’s safe for Republicans to stand up and run without Donald Trump,” she continued.

“People are angry. Republicans are really angry. We are on a smooth glide path to really, really good midterm elections, and the only thing that can blow it is what probably will blow it: the Republican Party.”

“You don’t need to suck up to Trump anymore, conservative talk radio hosts, talk TV hosts, Republicans running for office,” she said. “He’s done. He’s over.”

Sky Palma

Before launching DeadState back in 2012, Sky Palma has been blogging about politics, social issues and religion for over a decade. He lives in Los Angeles and also enjoys Brazilian jiu jitsu, chess, music and art.