Another racist is unemployed because he couldn’t keep quiet when cameras were rolling

A man who worked as a cashier at Bucky’s Convenience Store in Naperville, Illinois decided to harass the Fernanda sisters, who were on vacation in the area from Mexico. Now, according to reports, he’s been fired.

The women were with their 15-year-old cousin Indira Buitron when the cashier asked Indira if her cousins from Mexico were legal. Carolina Buitron, another member of the family, wanted to take care of the situation.

“I asked him, oh so you want to be a racist,” Carolina told ABC7 Chicago. “I was like that’s not OK. He said you need to leave; I said I don’t need to leave. He said I’m American; I said I’m American too, I was born here.”

The response from the cashier was to threaten to call ICE, along with telling the women to go back to their country.

The incident led to protests. Area resident and Trump supporter Bob Ahlgren was at first on the clerk’s side, but then heard the whole story.

“I don’t disagree with them now that I know what is going on,” Ahlgren said. “If that was my place and employee and he disrespected people like that I’d lay him off too.”

The Naperville Police Department is investigating the incident.

Watch the original video below:

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