Anti-masker threatens restaurant staff and assaults customer — then promptly gets knocked out

A video circulating social media has been viewed more than 2 million times, and it purportedly shows a man confronting restaurant employees after they told him to wear a mask.

The man can be seen inside the waiting area of the unspecified restaurant threatening employees, saying they were ‘discriminating’ against him.

“We’re gonna f*** your restaurant up,” he tells a female employee while pointing at her with his fingerless gloves.

That’s when a customer calmly tells him, “Just leave, sir” — which enrages the man.

“You wanna do something?” the man says to the customer before pushing him.

That’s when another customer steps up, hitting the man in the face and knocking him the floor.

“That’s assault!” the man says after he gets up, forgetting that he just assaulted someone a few seconds before.

Watch the video below:

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