Appearing on Fox, Michelle Malkin Claims Al Jazeera is ‘Cheerleading for Terror’ (VIDEO)

Continuing its bizarre and false narrative against the Doha-based cable news network Al Jazeera, Fox News had on conservative columnist Michelle Malkin to discuss AJ’s plan to expand in the United States with its recent acquisition of the fledgling cable channel Current TV.

After commenting on the recent story regarding the Debate Commission’s regret of having CNN’s Candy Crowley moderate one of the 2012 Presidential debates, Malkin launched into her tirade by calling Al Jazeera a “half billion dollar Trojan Horse for terror,” and said that the network’s Arabic-language arm is responsible for “cheerleading for terror.” Malkin even seemed to accuse the network of being responsible for the deaths of Americans.

Brian Kilmeade asked Malkin about Al Jazeera’s recent expansion. “What do you think is happening here?” he asked. “What are they trying to do with Al Jazeera USA?”

“The American Spectator put it very well,” Malkin replied. “This is a half billion dollar Trojan Horse for terror TV.”

“Along with the rest of the domestic liberal media, Al Jazeera is going to pose — put on a mask of objectivity,” Malkin added. Without providing any evidence except recycled Islamophobic rhetoric, she mocked Al Jazeera’s journalistic integrity, suggesting that the network harbors a much darker, hidden agenda.

“I think it’s incumbent upon those of us who are very familiar with how Al Jazeera abroad has cheerleader for terror, that has taken American lives, that they know who these people side with,” Malkin said.

Watch the Fox and Friends segment in the video below.

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