Athena Salman is the latest candidate for the Arizona State House to come out as an atheist

Another atheist lawmaker emerged from under the shadows of the predominate Christian Arizona Senate.

Athena Salman, who describes herself as a ‘half Arab, part Mexican’ atheist, is running for the State House and will be joining fellow secular Arizona politicians Cara Prior, Scott Prior and Jaun Mendez.

Salman “came out” while speaking to the Secular Student Alliance at Arizona State University this week, by going public with her own atheism and telling the group that she is running for the State House in District 26.

“What I do, just telling my story, running for office — still an experience, still it scares me sometimes because I’m atheist, I’m half Arab, I’m also part Mexican… there’s a lot of things in Arizona that just doesn’t resonate with most people. But to me, picturing people like Rosa Parks, and who she really was and what she really did, what her real contribution was… I want to embody my life after that.”

According to Patheos, Salman has a real shot at winning in her Democrat-leaning district. However, her Republican opponents will likely use her atheism against her, being that the Christian faithful is by in large the prevailing religion.

Like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Salman is a “Clean Elections Candidate” and is taking campaign donations only from constituents.

For those who wish to donate to Salman’s campaign, click here.

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