Atheists give a tour of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter: ‘It’s a $100,000,000 paperweight’

The Thinking Atheist’s Seth Andrews and Matt Dillahunty recently took a little field trip to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter — the giant creationist theme park designed to teach children that the bible is literally true and the earth is around 6,000 years old.

It was raining during their visit to the “$100,000,0000 paperweight,” which prompted Andrews to point out that Ham’s giant replica of Noah’s Ark was “looking a little rough around the woodwork” due to the elements, which prompts the question of how the actual ark might have fared on actual seas.”

Andrews took note of the suspiciously empty parking lot and that the “ark isn’t really an ark,” due to the fact that the back half of the structure was a building, “which is something I don’t remember hearing about during all the fundraising press conferences.”

And then there were the dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs.

After giving a rundown of what can be found inside the ark exhibit, Andrews pointed out another common theme: “Tons and tons of guilt.”

“The Ark Encounter is loaded with guilt. Guilt for being born human. Guilt for being so icky and sinful. Guilt for making God angry enough to drown us all in the first place.”

“The Ark Encounter certainly was expensive to build,” Andrews said. “How did Noah manage to build an ark with only trees and tar, while it took Ken Ham over $100,000,000, a huge construction crew, and state of the art equipment?”

According to Andrews, the Ark Encounter is a “church masquerading as a tourist attraction and it’s a tragic waste of resources.”

Watch the video below:

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