Babysitter teaches children how to snort drugs — mother finds them unconscious

Three children who were taught by their babysitter to snort drugs were found unconscious in their Indiana home, The Kansas City Star reported.

A mother reportedly arrived at her babysitter’s house to pick her kids up on June 28 and found the woman seated on her front porch looking under the influence. When she went into the house and called out for her kids, she was met with silence. She ultimately found her 8, 9 and 15-year-old children unconscious.

After the children were treated, they told investigators that the babysitter taught them how grind down pills and snort them.

“The children also told detectives that they each ingested about 3-4 pills each of the three different types of pills,” police said.

A search of the sitter’s home found prescription bottles for Klonopin, Adderall and Lyrica that had been prescribed for other people.

She was charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury among other charges.

Sky Palma

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