Back in 2007 the makers of ‘Loose Change’ got completely destroyed in a debate, and no one noticed

Remember the movie Loose Change? There wouldn’t be a “9/11 Truth” movement without it. Now, remember the movie’s cocky creators Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas? Well get ready because you’re about to see the most epic smackdown of these two numbskulls ever caught on video.

If you’ve ever seen Bermas and Avery debate the folks from Popular Mechanics (and you’re not a 9/11 truther), you were probably left wanting to rip your eyes out. In that debate, they were arrogant, rude, and outright incoherent. The problem was that the two gentleman from PM, although they came well prepared, didn’t directly attack the inconsistencies of the Loose Change creators’ theories.

But back in 2007, Bermas and Avery made a little-known appearance on a public cable-access show called Hardfire and squared off against 9/11 truth debunker Mark Roberts.

The film’s creators were completely unprepared for the debate, and they both directly acknowledged that the film contained errors when Roberts eloquently dismantled them piece by piece. Bermas did most of the talking on the conspiracy side, but it was clear that he was still in over his head.

There are two parts to the debate. Part 1 is below and part 2 can be seen here.


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