BBC reporter gets completely wasted while reporting in front of a pile of burning heroin

While reporting in front of a burning pile of heroin, hashish and other opiates, a BBC reporter got the mother-of-all contact highs, bursting into incontrollable giggling as he was trying to get through the taping.

Quentin Sommerville was reporting from Afghanistan when the news story he was reporting on managed to find its way into his lungs.

In the wake awesomest news cast in history, Sommerville posted the outtakes on Twitter this Monday, telling his followers, “You’ve earned a xmas laugh, at my expense.” He then deleted the tweet.

A spokesman for the BBC told the Telegraph, “The video of Quentin [high as f-ck], which has now been deleted, was posted in the spirit of a blooper. It was filmed four years ago – it hasn’t been seen before and was never broadcast.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.14.39 PM

Thankfully, the Internet never forgets.

h/t: Gawker

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