Bill Nye will debate GOP congresswoman and climate change denier Marsha Blackburn

After spending the 1990s teaching science to America’s youth, Bill Nye has reinvented himself as a crusader (probably not the best choice of words) against pseudoscience.

In the wake of his debate against young earth creationist and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham, Nye accumulated quite a cult (again, not the best word) following for himself, and those followers will be happy to know that “The Science Guy” is set to lock horns with someone who many in his camp see as another purveyor of misinformation — GOP congresswoman and proud climate change denier Marsha Blackburn.

The debate will take place in a slightly less-than-desirable setting than the Ham event, and be held in the forum of NBC’s Meet the Press this Sunday.

Although a debate like this probably shouldn’t be moderated by the dank air of a corporate media giant, it should be interesting to see what transpires in the limited time these two have with each other.

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