Billy Graham’s daughter: ‘God is using coronavirus to turn us away from secularism’

In an op-ed published in Charisma News this Saturday, Christian evangelist and daughter of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, wrote that there may be a “silver lining” to the growing coronavirus outbreak.

Lotz writes that the “black cloud of the coronavirus has enveloped our nation,” and seems to be “obliterating our view of freedom, of peace, of happiness.” As she prayed on the matter, Lotz says he had a vision from the Old Testament showing the “recently freed Israelite slaves” as they were “camped at the base of Mount Sinai.”

“God spoke to Moses, the man He had used to liberate the people from bondage in Egypt,” she writes. “The Lord said He would come in a thick cloud to Moses. The Bible then goes on to describe the thunder and lightning flashes and a thick cloud.”

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According to Lotz, that “thick cloud” has manifested itself today in the form of the coronavirus.

“…could it be that God is using the coronavirus to get our attention so that we will listen to His message?” she writes, adding, “It’s time to pray! It’s time to turn away from our sin, self-centeredness and secularism, and turn to God in faith and trust.”

Tying catastrophic events to the will of God isn’t a new theme for Lotz. In 2016, she told right-wing radio host Steve Deace that “God allows bad things to happen” like the September 11 attacks and the San Bernardino shootings “to show us that we need him … we’re desperate without him.”

Read her full op-ed over at Charisma News.


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