C-SPAN caller excoriates Jeanine Pirro live on air: ‘Your rhetoric helped orphan that baby in El Paso’

During a combative hour-long appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal last weekend, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was subjected to a caller from Texas who slammed her for the rhetoric she disseminates on her show, accusing her of being partly responsible for the mass shooting in El Paso.

“Our President and our beautiful First Lady, they went down to El Paso, Texas and they posed with a baby that the President’s rhetoric, Fox News’ rhetoric, your rhetoric, had helped to orphan,” the caller said.

“And, I think this thing about Trump … ‘making America great again’ — Trump has made America hate again, and it’s this hatred of races — I hear it all the time when I talk to Republicans and they say, ‘I went down to Texas and there’s all these Mexicans down there and they’re all speaking Spanish.’ Well, I got news for you: those weren’t Mexicans, those were Americans. That guy that went down to El Paso to shoot a bunch of Mexicans, he shot a bunch of Americans. And I’m really tired of this anti-immigrant, anti-people-with-brown-skin rhetoric that’s coming out of Fox News, coming out of people like you, and coming out of our President. It’s demeaning, it’s beneath the Office, it’s beneath you — you used to be a judge, you know better. It’s time that that stopped.”

Pirro fired back, telling the caller that she refused to accept his “recitation of the facts” before going into rant about illegal immigrants, saying that “we end up educating them, housing them, schooling them, giving them food stamps, and we can only afford so much.”

“Don’t you dare accuse anyone of racism and hate,” Pirro continued, addressing the caller. “There is a line, the illegals can get to the back of the line of the people who want to come to this country legally.”

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Sky Palma

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