Canadian ‘QAnon Queen’ is arrested after making ‘shoot to kill’ threat

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A QAnon “influencer” and self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” has been arrested by Canadian police after she told her followers to target healthcare workers, Newsweek reports.

Romana Didulo told her over 70,000 followers on Telegram that they should “shoot to kill” healthcare workers. In a YouTube video seen by Newsweek, Didulo reportedly said that she had encouraged the targeting of healthcare workers who vaccinate young adults and children against COVID-19.

From Newsweek:

In a November 24 Telegram post seen by Global News, Didulo wrote an “order” to Canada’s military to “shoot to kill anyone who tries to inject children under the age of 19 years old with coronavirus19 vaccines/ bioweapons or any other vaccines.”

Newsweek has seen several Telegram posts by Didulo that purport to be addressed to the Canadian armed forces in her capacity as “Queen of Canada.” These messages urge troops to carry out her orders, including the confiscation of COVID-19 vaccines.

Didulo has also shared posts encouraging her U.S. followers, whom she has called “duck hunters,” to enter Canada and take over key government buildings and carry out mass arrests of police, school staff, doctors and others.

In a November 22 Telegram post seen by Newsweek, Didulo wrote: “To our duck hunter brothers and sisters in the U.S. Please note, when I give you the signal to enter the Kingdom of Canada—here are the things I would like you all to help us with.

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