Candace Owens: It’s no big deal if 80-year-olds die from coronavirus since life expectancy is 76

Sharing her thoughts on Twitter this Tuesday, conservative activist Candace Owens commented on the “mass global breakdown” inspired by the coronavirus, and suggested that it’s just another common virus that threatens the elderly, so there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

“One day, we will look back and study the impact of the coronavirus,” she wrote. “Not the virus itself of course, but the mass global mental breakdown that it inspired. Because people think it’s novel that 80 year olds are dying at a high rate from a flu.”

In a subsequent tweet, she expanded on that thought, basically saying that if the elderly get taken out by the coronavirus, it’s just business as usual since we all die around 76-years-old anyway.

“The average age of the hundreds of people that died in Italy— 82 years old,” she wrote. “It is now breaking, terrifying, stop your life and stock up on toilet paper news— that 82 years old, with pre-existing conditions can die from the flu.”

“The mass hysteria is unreal,” she added.

Quite an unexpected (if not slightly outdated) approach to disease control from the fiercely pro-life firebrand.

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Sky Palma

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