Capitol rioter who declared ‘I’m invincible’ is arrested and charged after friend turns him in

On January 6 of this year, Landon Mitchell bragged on Facebook that he “breached” the U.S. Capitol along with a mob of Trump supporters and was “one of the very first” who entered the building. When a friend warned that his boasting could lead to the FBI arresting him, Mitchell replied that he was “invincible” and “not too worried” because he “was masked up the whole time,” HuffPost reports.

Mitchell was reportedly identified by a friend who accompanied him to the Capitol that day and was also arrested.

Multiple postings to social media confirmed Mitchell’s participation in the Capitol riot.

“Absolutely Proud of my fellow Americans who made their voices heard at the Capitol,” he wrote in one post.

In another post, Mitchell noticed that he appeared in a New Yorker video that showed rioters entering the Senate chamber.

“Ha! Made it on the new yorker. Ain’t that something? Just the back of my head tho lol,” he wrote.

To date, the FBI has made about 650 arrests in connection to the Capitol riot.

Sky Palma

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