Cenk Uyger and Alex Jones almost come to blows backstage at the RNC

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur got into a swearing match with infamous Donald Trump ally Roger Stone and conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at the Republican National Convention Thursday night. At one point, Uyger and Jones almost came to blows.

The two far-right controversial figures interrupted a live screening of Uygur’s show and immediately focused their attention on the host, who is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter and progressive columnist.

Jones, host of the conservative web video show InfoWars, charged onto the set and disingenuously greeted Uygur with a pat on the back and condescendingly asked how the “revolution was going?”

Jones then stood over Uygur while holding a microphone, gesticulating in the progressive host’s face and urging him to debate Stone.

With Stone off-camera, a grinning Jones can be seen telling Uygur, “I wanna have a rant-off with you,” before urging Stone to crash the set, as well.

“First of all, Alex, this ain’t your f*cking show,” Uygur tells Jones. “And Roger, it sure ain’t your f*cking show.”


As Jones continued to goad Cenk by asking if he’s too afraid to debate Stone, TYT co-host Ana Kasparian jumped in and things went off the rails.

Kasparian yelled at Jones to “get the f*ck off the stage,” then Jones, true to his twisted sense of reality, accused her of being part of a Saudi Arabian “jihad.” Uygur, who had about enough at that point, rose from his chair, removed his jacket, and threw his earpiece down to gets into Jones’ face.

The two men were separated before the altercation turned physical.

Watch the video below (you can see another version here):

Featured image via YouTube

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