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Chris Wallace: I’m living inside Donald Trump’s head ‘rent-free’

During a segment on Fox News this Sunday, anchor Chris Wallace said that former President Donald Trump can’t stop thinking about him.

“Trump still takes shots at you over the first presidential debate you moderated last year, saying, ‘Oh, you didn’t have control,’” Fellow Fox anchor Howard Kurtz told Wallace.

“For a landlord, I’m very grateful that I’m allowed to occupy so much space in Donald Trump’s brain rent-free,” Wallace replied. “I’m not talking about him, but yet, he still wants to talk about the Sept. 29, 2020, debate.”

As Yahoo! News points out, the debate Wallace and Kurtz are referring to was between Trump and now-President Joe Biden, ans “was a chaotic, off-the-rails affair marred by insults and relentless interruptions from Trump. As moderator, Wallace was at times unable to manage the persistent rule-breaking. Trump later accused Wallace of siding with Biden, and has attacked Wallace about the debate again more recently.”

Watch the video below:

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