Christian author: Maybe God let El Paso and Dayton happen so we’d start praying again

When people do horrific things to their fellow humans, there seems to be a consensus among a certain element of the far-right Christian sphere that thinks these things are happening because not enough people are praying. Believing that a lack of prayer can set the stage for bad things to happen is one thing, but believing that God allows bad things to happen to guilt people into praying to him is another thing entirely.

This Sunday in the wake of the violence in El Paso and Dayton that left around 30 people dead, Christian author Eric Metaxas took to his Twitter account and posed a question to his followers.

“The spirit of mass-murder is the spirit of anti-Christ,” he wrote. “Instead of pointing fingers at each other & sharing in that foul spirit, let us turn to God in repentance. Can it be that He has allowed this evil so that we will return to Him in prayer & repentance?”

Metaxas’s question begs another: What kind of God is he worshipping?

The comment thread that vomited beneath his tweet had a mix of faithful followers who agreed with his sentiment, while others found the notion of a “loving” God allowing such gruesome suffering just so he can get back some lost adulation to be quite grotesque.

Writing for the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta says that even if the psychopathic god Metaxas envisions existed, it wouldn’t be worth worshipping.

Consider how demented Christianity would have to be to pretend God is perfectly fine with letting innocent people be slaughtered in order to convince Atheist Annie that she should accept His love? Hell, many of the people who died were presumably Christian already, and it didn’t do them a damn bit of good.

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