Christian broadcaster unleashes ‘warrior angels’ against Trump’s opponents: ‘We bind, chain, and cage those devils!’

During a recent appearance on the apocalyptic conspiracy network Skywatch TV, Christian prophet and podcaster Sheila Zilinsky called upon God to unleash “legions of mighty warrior angels” against Democrats looking to impeach President Trump.

In an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Zilinsky prayed that God “bind, cage, and chain those devils that are operating against Donald J. Trump.”

“I say this: Satan, we bind you, rebuke you, and render you powerless, and your workers of inequity powerless right now against Donald J. Trump,” she continued, even condemning the “spirit of the witch, the wizards, the warlocks, the witch doctors, the magi, the divinators, all sorcerers, high priests going tomorrow sending attacks and assignments against him and God’s people.”

“We cut off every ritual, custom, ceremony, curse, hex, vex, spell and incantation chant, evil spoken judgement, magic, evil prayer, dance, trance, animal and human sacrifices, drums, shells, beads, bones, candles, pins, nails, rituals (didn’t she already say that?), customs, voodoo, hudu, hulu, julu [speaks in tongues].”

I think she about covered everything.


Featured image via screen grab


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