Christian pastor: If Trump’s not reinstated, the left will ‘shut down churches, take your kids — maybe even rape your wife’

During his sermon this Sunday, pro-Trump pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman regurgitated his usual claims that the 202o election was stolen from Donald Trump, and tried to freak his gullible followers out with dire warnings of what could happen if Trump’s presidency is not reinstated.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Kunneman has been at the forefront of supposed prophets who guaranteed that Trump would win the election “and has petulantly refused to apologize for his false prophesy, instead promising that God will reward those who stand with him and attacking those who have dared to criticize him.”

On Sunday, Kunneman continued to attack those who call him a false prophet.

“President Trump, it’s clearly evident that he won the election,” Kunneman said. “Anybody with a brain can see on the night of the election he was winning by a clear indication that that’s where the election was going.”

“The bottom line is we need the rightful president in position of power,” Kunneman later said. “It has to be settled because here’s what the woke culture wants: They want you to ignore the 2020 election, and they want you to ignore the fact that President Trump really did win by a landslide, and it’s proven, and it’s going to continue to be proven. … Do we just ignore it? That’s what they want you to do.”

“He has to be reinstated,” he continued. “Why? Because he legally won, he righteously won. … If you ignore it, then it’s saying that they can get by with anything. What next? They’re already trying to force a vaccination that they don’t even know if it works. What next? Shut your churches down? Take your kids out of your home? Rape your wife? Put you in a concentration camp? Who knows.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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