Christian preacher: If people call me ‘fat,’ why can’t I call black people the N-word?

Dave Daubenmire‘s logic is quite a thing to behold. He has a theory that liberal progressives are pro-abortion because it allows them to drink the blood of babies. He thinks the recent Royal Wedding was a secret plot to promote “blending of the races.” He thinks masturbation is gay. Now he’s upset that he can’t use the N-word without being called a racist.

On his Pass the Salt Live webcast this Friday, Daubenmire lamented the nuances of language that allow people to call him “fat” or “diminutive” yet disallow him to hurl racial slurs at black people.

“I shouldn’t even have to worry about what I say for fear that I’m going to offend somebody racially,” he declared in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “What a bunch of crap that is.”

“They call it ‘the N-word,’” he continued. “Have you ever heard of anything more stupid than that? The N-word? What is the N-word? Well, the N-word is where they call somebody nigger.”

Daubenmire then instructed one of his sidekicks to look up the word “niggardly” — which is a word that has nothing to do with the racial slur. When the sidekick tried to find the N-word in the dictionary and was unsuccessful, the host concluded that something fishy was afoot.

“Do you see what they’ve done to us with words?” he asked. “I wonder where that came from? I wonder who’s idea that was?

According to Daubenmire, when people called him “diminutive” in high school, that was a much worse insult than the N-word.

“You know what? I’d a rather they called me a n*gger,” Daubenmire said.

“I didn’t look at myself as small. What do you mean small? Why are they able to get away with that? Why can they call me small? Why can they call me fat? Why can they call me hick? And I can’t say n*gger? I can’t say the N-word? … Do you see what they’ve done to us?”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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