Bad Coronavirus Takes

Christian preacher: People who get coronavirus weren’t strong enough Christians

In a video livestream posted on Tuesday night, charismatic TV evangelist and faith healer Andrew Wommack gave his thoughts on how to avoid contracting coronavirus.

“Many Christians believe God can heal, but they they wait until they’re infected, until they’re sick, and then they start seeking for healing, Wommack said. “And that’s better than not seeking for healing at all, but I think there’s something even better than that, and that is walking in divine health, to where, you know — this is kind of, I guess, a Star Trek or science fiction kind of way of saying it — but it’s like you have a force field around you and no sickness can penetrate that and get to you.”

“What about the people who are Christians and they love God and yet they’re sick? Even Christian leaders and stuff? And I said, ‘Well, I’m not condemning anybody, but I can guarantee you God has provided healing. And if we get sick, it’s not God who failed, it’s me that failed,'” he continued.

“God gives grace to the humble and if you will humble yourself and say, “God, You’re faithful, Your word is true, and if it’s not working in my life, it’s not You that’s a problem, it’s me that somehow or another hasn’t learned how to receive.”

“It’s one thing to pray and believe God for a healing when you’re sick, but it’s even better to believe God not to get sick. To walk in divine health.”

Watch the video below, via the Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta:

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