Christian preacher: The left has ‘culturally appropriated’ Christmas

In a post to his website this Sunday, right-wing Christian evangelist Mario Murillo complained that “the left” loves to blame the tradition of Christmas for the rise in suicide rates and domestic violence during the season. According to him, these things only happen because “Christ” has been taken out of Christmas.

“Leftists believe in something called ‘cultural appropriation.’ Just in case you haven’t updated your list of things to be offended by, let me explain,” Murillo writes.

So what has the left done? They’ve culturally appropriated Christmas, according to Murillo.

“They appropriate Christmas; do not give credit to its source; and go even further, by mocking, blaspheming and even banning the phrase, ‘Merry Christmas.’ And meanwhile, they celebrate Christmas,” he writes.

Read his full post here

[Right Wing Watch

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