Preachers say they need to fly first-class because it’s impossible to talk to God in coach

In a strange, rambling discussion, Evangelical ministers Ken Copeland and Jesse Duplantis claimed they talked to God regularly while on private jets — conversations that would be impossible while riding in coach.

The conversation took place during a broadcast of The Believers Voice of Victory. The two preachers were seated at a folksy table when Duplantis recounted his personal conversation with the Lord Almighty while riding in his private jet.

The Lord apparently opened with, “Jesse, do you like your plane?”

Although the conversation sounded suspiciously like Duplantis talking to himself, Ken Copeland chimed in, saying, “You couldn’t have done that on an airline,” and that “Private jets are sanctuary that protect the anointed.”

Copeland went on to say that commercial airline travel was impossible for preachers in a “dope filled world” and that riding coach was like “getting in a long tube with a bunch of demons.”

Other preachers, such as Pastor Creflo Dollar, have allegedly been told by God to buy private planes. Creflo was able to raise $70 million for a Gulfstream Jet to fulfill the mysterious will of the Lord.

One can only hope the conversations are more interesting.


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