Christian prophet: Dems created Hurricane Maria so Puerto Rican refugees would ‘make Florida blue’

“Firefighter Prophet” and die-hard Trump supporter Mark Taylor gives liberals a lot of credit, so much so that he contrives conspiracy theories that claim they can control the weather.

Last year, Taylor claimed that Democrats used weather technology to create Hurricane Michael in retaliation for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Now, he says they created Hurricane Maria to flood Florida with Puerto Rican refugees in order to make it a blue state.

Appearing on the MC Files program Monday night, Taylor said God told him that Democrats are trying to meddle in Florida and Texas elections.

“What the Lord showed me is that there is a plan in place to try to steal Florida and Texas over to blue,” he said in a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“If you’ll notice, right after the hurricane hit down in Puerto Rico and they had that big scandal with the mayor down there and all that stuff,” he continued. “They were trying to move half a million Puerto Ricans into Florida as a humanitarian effort.”

According to Taylor, it was no humanitarian effort.

“That’s why they were holding the food up … so they could justify sending them to Florida,” he declared.

“They had plenty of supplies down there, they wouldn’t release them,” Taylor said. “It was because they’re trying to turn Florida blue.”

Taylor’s obsession with what he refers to as “weather technology” forms the basis for many of his conspiracy theories. After the North Carolina board of elections was ordered by ICE and the DOJ to turn over 8 years of voter records from the state in September of 2018, Taylor said the ensuing Hurricane Florence was created by Democrats to destroy evidence of mass voter fraud.

“I saw where North Carolina had done the voter fraud stuff for the machines, for this, that, and the other; they had caught it or something like that and they were going after it,” Taylor said.

“I said, ‘Oh boy.’ Sure enough, there it was; here comes the hurricane. Bigger than life, there it was,” he continued, recounting how his suspicions were confirmed.

Watch Taylor’s remarks from Monday night in the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image: screen grab

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