Christian prophet Mark Taylor: Jimmy Carter’s black eye ‘is a sign of the Illuminati’

While spitballing on the Up Front In The Prophetic Radio show this Tuesday, Christian prophet and room temperature-IQ conspiracy theorist, Mark Taylor, speculated as to why former President Jimmy Carter was seen in press photos recently sporting a black eye.

Now granted, the Deep State, Soros-controlled, Satanic liberal media would have you believe that Carter fell down at his home, causing him to suffer the bruise, but Taylor sees something more sinister. At the outset of the show, host Francine Fosdick mentioned a recent rash of QAnon predictions and wondered if the news of Carter’s recent injuries are something “they’re gonna try to divert over to, so people won’t know exactly what’s going on.”

“Anything’s possible right now,” Taylor replied.

“The thing is, when you have people’s eyes opening the way they are right now in this great awakening, everything is suspect, especially when it comes to the Cabal, especially when it comes to the Elite and the Globalists,” he continued. “Nobody trusts them. So when you start seeing certain signs take place, you know, it’s automatic.”

In regards to Jimmy Carter, “we all know what the black eye means,” Taylor declared.

“It’s a sign of Illuminati … it’s a sign of the Cabal, their allegiance to it … We all know what that sign means — [Carter] said he got it in a fall. Okay, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did.”

If you’re wondering what the hell Taylor is talking about, he’s apparently referring to a narrative that runs in conspiracist circles that claims celebrities who have black eyes on the left side of their face received it in an Illuminati initiation ritual.

If you’re stupider after reading this article, my apologies.

[Right Wing Watch]

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