Christian prophet: When Trump is reelected, he’ll reveal the cure for cancer

Mark Taylor, also known as the “Firefighter Prophet,” invents some of the most crackpot conspiracy theories that exist on the internet, and they’re all centered around bolstering President Trump. Taylor does damage because he has a devoted following and his lies get a lot of reach on social media, but his latest claim does more than just addle the brains of his followers; it gives them an especially reprehensible kind of false hope.

Appearing on The McFiles Network this Monday with host and radical conspiracy theorist Christopher McDonald, Taylor dangled an exciting promise for his listeners. While taking questions from the audience, one person asked Taylor if he thinks there will be a cure for cancer soon.

“Absolutely, yes. I think there’s gonna be a lot of cures to come out,” Taylor said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “I think most of these cures I think you’re gonna see come out are gonna come out in Trump’s second term.”

“Once 2020 gets here and [Trump’s] in office, Katy bar the door, man, on everything,” Taylor continued. “I mean, Big Pharma, cures, all these things are gonna be released guys. We’ve had cures for cancer.”

Taylor went on to describe a “guy I saw 25-30 years ago” whose brain tumor was dissolved by a single pill, but whose story was suppressed by Big Pharma.

“So what they’ve been committing is genocide,” he said. “So I believe — yes, a lot of these cures are already here, but they’re gonna be released.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor has made this sort of prediction. During a 2017 appearance on The Edge TV program, Taylor talked with host Daniel Ott about how “Big Pharma” wants to perpetuate sickness “because that’s how they make their money.” Ott then took a question from a listener who wanted to know if Taylor had any information about Trump releasing “advance tech” or “medical cures.”

“You’re fixing to see cures for medical conditions begin to come forth,” Taylor declared. “We’ve had cures for this stuff, Daniel, for years, for decades; for cancer, we’ve got cures out there for Alzheimer’s, all kinds of diseases out there, the cures are there.”

“This could be in [Trump’s] second term that a lot of this stuff starts happening,” Taylor added. “You’re going to see this stuff begin to be released.”

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Sky Palma

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