Christian TV host: If you support Trump’s impeachment, you‘re a ‘domestic enemy’ of the U.S.

While discussing the potential impeachment of President Trump on his TruNews broadcast this Thursday, host Rick Wiles declared that a sizable portion of the country are its own domestic enemies.

According to Wiles, Democrats have moved on from “Russiagate” to “Ukrainegate” in their efforts to have Trump removed from office.

“I’m trying to wrap my brain around this thing because this one’s as crazy as the Russiagate accusations, which, nothing existed,” he said. “The Democrats and the media, and certain intelligence agents, and the FBI agents, carried out a covert operation to undermine and destabilize the President of the United States.”

After slamming the treasonous motives of Trump’s political opponents, Wiles then turned to his co-hosts.

“This can’t be allowed to continue, regardless of who’s in the White House,” Wiles declared. “Forget about whether you like or dislike President Trump, or whether it’s Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush — whoever is in the White House must have the assurance that the intelligence agencies are not spying on them.

“Again, whether you like President Trump or dislike him, that’s immaterial,” Wiles said later in the broadcast. “This is an unconstitutional coup; it is the overthrow of an elected president. If you support it, you are an enemy of the nation. You are a domestic enemy if you support the overthrow of the President of the United States. … If you support the overthrow of the president, you are a domestic enemy of the republic. There’s no other way to put it, you’re a domestic enemy.”

Watch an excerpt of Wiles’ broadcast below, via Right Wing Watch:

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