Christian TV host: Vegetarian hamburgers are a ‘Luciferian’ plot to change human DNA

Meatless foods is a new food fad that involves companies creating meals that are very similar to favorite meat staples (like burgers, chicken, and so on) that actually contain no meats within them.

It’s a movement that has a lot of people making the switch to meatless food alternatives for a variety of reasons, CNN reported — it’s a healthier life choice, proponents maintain, but it’s also a better choice for creating a positive environmental impact on our planet.

Not everyone is getting on-board with the newest fad, however, and some are even suggesting it’s a plot to get people to fall from God’s good graces. Seriously.

Right-wing pastor Rick Wiles, on his TruNews program Wednesday evening, suggested that meat alternative companies are trying to create the new foods in an effort to alter human DNA in order to cause human beings to no longer being technically classified as humans — a plot that would make it impossible for them to be saved by Christ, he says.

Wiles believes people will soon not even be given the choice of real or meatless foods, and that fast food restaurants will make the switch without giving customers an option to keep meat in their diet.

“When you go to your favorite fast food restaurant, you are going to be eating a fake hamburger,” Wiles said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “You’re going to go to the grocery store and buy a pound of fake hamburger or a fake steak, and you won’t know that it was grown in some big corporation’s laboratory.”

Wiles added that he believes this is a “nightmare world” that seeks to change “God’s creation.” Meatless companies want to “be God,” he said.

The ultimate goal, Wiles believes, is to bring more people to Satan.

God is “watching these Luciferians destroy this planet, destroy the animal kingdom, destroy the plant kingdom, change human DNA,” Wiles said. “Why? They want to change human DNA so that you can’t be born again.”

TruNews and Wiles are recognized as a “fundamentalist Christian streaming news and opinion platform that has increasingly featured anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist content, and also has a long record of disseminating radical Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ messages,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. The fact-checking site classifies the site as a “conspiracy-pseudoscience” site that provides “low” levels of factual reporting.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Chris Walker

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