Christian ‘weather warrior’: God sent Dorian to destroy the Bahamas as punishment for ‘human trafficking’

Ket Kerr claims that her powers as a “weather warrior” prevented Hurrican Dorian from destroying Florida, but she has an excuse at the ready for why she did nothing for the Bahamas. According to her, the hurricane’s destruction of the tiny island nation was God’s will.

In a live video posted to her Facebook page this Thursday, Kerr declared that Dorian is “almost at its demise” — an occurrence that “they’re still trying to figure out and they never will.” Despite her lack of faith in meteorologists, Kerr says she knows why the Bahamas weren’t spared, and it has to do with its alleged role in human trafficking.

Kerr clarified that she did indeed “declare over” the Bahamas “just as passionately” as she did Florida or Puerto Rico.

“…and yet, the Bahamas got hit a lot,” she said. “I am gonna just sneak out a little bit of information for you that people may not even know about, but you need to know that a lot of the human trafficking goes on there in that very place, and it’s being exposed because God’s exposing stuff like that.”

She went to point out that she’s not accusing “everyone on the island” of being a human trafficker, but…

“…that is a huge center for a lot of the people who are trapped in human trafficking,” she continued. “Those people doing it are involved in a huge way in the Bahamas, they use the Bahamas as part of their transport system.”

What Kerr apparently doesn’t know (which is a lot), is that the United States is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to human trafficking, and according to authorities, Central Florida is a major hotbed.

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