Christians confront Native American asking them to get off sacred land: ‘This land belongs to Jesus’

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Police were called this Sunday Christian prayer group faced off with Native Americans who were upset about their gathering on the Great Serpent Mound, which is a Native American national historic site in southern Ohio, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

The leader of the group, far-right pastor David Daubenmire, said that the mound is a place where dark energy is released into the world. Daubenmire and his followers were on the scene “praying down (the) Satanic serpent mounds,” according to the group’s YouTube video, titled, “PAGANS TRY TO PREVENT PRAYER.”

American Indian Movement of Ohio executive director Philip Yenyo confronted Daubenmire, telling him that he and his followers “need to leave.”

“You have no right and no business doing this on this sacred site where our ancestors are buried,” Yenyo says. “You’re not going any further.”

That’s when a man who appears to be Daubenmire pushed forward, trying to walk around Yenyo who was blocking his path.

“Don’t tell me to get out of the way on my own land,” Yenyo said. “It’s our birthright. It’s our sacred site.”

“It’s public land,” someone in the group said. “This land will be taken in the name of Jesus.”

“This land was already taken a long time ago,” Yenyo said. “You people keep taking it.”

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