CNN’s Chris Cuomo completely destroys spokesperson for Arizona’s ‘gay Jim Crow law’

In an interview on CNN’s New Day this morning, anchor Chris Cuomo shed some light on the organization that helped write the extreme anti-LGBT bill in Arizona, which some have characterized as the “gay Jim Crow law.”

The Scottsdale-based Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and the right-wing Center for Arizona Policy were the principle drafters of the bill, and aside from the expansive coverage of the story, little attention has been paid to the long history of anti-gay activism by both organizations, especially the ADF.

But Cuomo decided to attack the ideological origins of the bill head-on while interviewing ADF attorney Kellie Fiedorek. Not surprisingly, she dodged the uncomfortable questions about whether or not the bill gives a pass to business to openly discriminate against the LGBT community.

But the most notable part of the segment came when Fiedorek compared requiring businesses to serve gay customers to asking a Muslim to participate in a burning of the Koran or an African-American to photograph a KKK rally Cuomo immediately called her out, noting the ADF’s record of defending anti-gay discrimination:

It allows people to not do business with gays, is what it allows. Your organization has a history of trying to hedge the ability to deal with gay marriage and gay rights in the country. All somebody has to do is, you know, Google your organization. So let’s just be open and honest about it.


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