Conservative Twitter is having a sad because American Sniper’s Bradley Cooper is a Democrat

“…an event that was initially sold to the American public as a super-classy, star-studded soiree (Tom Brady! Ben Roethlisberger!), but ended up more closely resembling an episode of The Surreal Life, with Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato, Jr., and the aforementioned homophobic mouth-breather from Duck Dynasty serving as the celeb guests of honor.”

That’s how The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern described this month’s Republican National Convention.

Considering that D-list lineup, Republicans shouldn’t be surprised that Bradly Cooper, who played U.S. history’s deadliest marksman in their beloved movie American Sniper, decided to attend the DNC instead.

Nevertheless, conservative Twitter had a sad.

Apparently forgetting that movie actors are not the people they portray on screen, Trump fans on Twitter lamented the fact that Cooper is not a Democrat:

But the mockery is always worth it.

Stern writes:

Kyle, aka “The Devil of Ramadi,” is a conservative icon, and since the film was directed by none other than Clint Eastwood—you know, the fella who stole the show at the last RNC by talking to an empty chair—it stood to reason that Cooper was a Republican, too.

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