Cop who arrested black Brooklyn mailman for no reason loses his badge

Lt. Luis Machado, the police lieutenant who oversaw the widely-criticized arrest of mail carrier Glenn Grays in March, has been consigned to desk duty and stripped of his badge and gun, according to reports.

There still is no word as to whether the other officers involved in the incident will be subject to punishment, nor is it clear if Machado’s relegation to desk duty is permanent.

Grays, who was arrested after swearing at the police officers after they nearly hit his van with their vehicle, had not actually committed a crime. But nevertheless, the officers cuffed him in front of a group of onlookers and led him away allegedly leaving the van unsecured.

Many have concluded that the incident was racially motivated.

“This could have been another Eric Garner situation if Glenn hadn’t responded as calmly as he did. And, if they would do that to Glenn in his uniform, they would do that to any person of color in that neighborhood,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams condemned the officers’ actions. Grays credits the group of onlookers, many of whom were filming the incident, for preventing the arrest from escalating to the point of violence.

Like Adams, Grays also expressed disappointment that he was treated with such disrespect by the officers despite the fact that he was acting as an employee of the U.S. government at the time of his arrest.

“It’s sad,” Grays said. I thought when I put on a uniform that I’d be treated a little different, but there’s no difference. I’m just another brother with a uniform.”

Unlike the officers involved in the incident, Grays has demonstrated himself to be a man of class, exhibiting profound degree of compassion for the officers under the circumstances. In spite of his poor treatment, Grays does not want to see the men fired “because they might have family, kids they need to support.

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