Cops arrest man in video who threatened to ‘kill one Arab a week’

A disturbing video surfaced online this week, in which a man wearing a mask that resembled the face of the joker from the Batman movies swore to “kill one Arab a week” in response to the horrific terrorist attacks that rocked  Paris, France on November 13. The man says he wants to “clean up” the province of Quebec, Canada by killing Muslims:

“As of next week, there will be murders all across Quebec. We will eliminate all of them, one by one. Islam has harmed us enough.”

The masked man waves a gun threateningly in the video, saying he already has at least ten other people who share his views and are willing to help him carry out his threats:

“I will fire a bullet in the head of one Arab per week, starting next week. I guarantee you that I am serious.”

Police in Montreal have now arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with the threats, though it is unknown if others are involved and planning to carry out the activities as well. Police say of the arrest:

“After our investigation, we targeted a home on Monsolet street, and at 1 am we conducted a search that led to the arrest of a 24-year-old-man.”


Police say that 24-year-old Jesse Pelletier will be charged with perpetrating a “hoax regarding terrorist activity.” According to Canadian law, that particular charge involves anything that could  “cause any person to fear death, bodily harm” and spreads messages which could “cause a reasonable apprehension that terrorist activity is occurring or will occur, without believing the information to be true.”

Luckily, it took the police less than a day to find the lunatic making these threats. Whether or not he was serious is anyone’s guess.

Watch a local news report on the story below:

[VICE News] Featured image via screen grab

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