Cops hold pregnant woman and her 8-year-old son at gunpoint over mistaken identity

Police officers in Sacramento, California, pulled over a pregnant woman and her eight-year-old son and held them both at gunpoint in a case of mistaken identity, ABC News reported.

The officers reportedly mistook Shanice Stewart‘s son Brandon for a juvenile with two felony warrants, including one for gun possession.

“I noticed that they had guns drawn and they had instructions for me to then toss my keys out of the window,” Stewart told ABC News. “And open the door with my left hand, proceed to get out and put my hands in the air and then walk towards them. I immediately broke down because I didn’t know or understand what was going on.”

From ABC News:

Brandon got out of the vehicle afraid that his mother would be arrested or worse, according to Stewart. He screamed and pleaded for her to come back to the car. The 8-year-old, not realizing the officers thought he was the suspect, approached them frantically explaining that his mother was just taking him to football practice and hadn’t done anything wrong. It was at that point that Stewart believes the officers realized that Brandon wasn’t the suspect.

The officers released Stewart and Brandon shortly after, according to Stewart. Police told ABC News they first misidentified Brandon through helicopter surveillance, as he and his mother were leaving their home to go to football practice. Brandon matched the description of a suspect because of his hair style and clothing, according to police.

Read the full report at ABC News.

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