Creationist mom ‘audits’ Natural History Museum, reveals that dinosaurs are actually dragons

Fundamentalist Christian, creationist and homeschooling mom Megan Fox raised a few eyebrows after a video she posted of her visiting the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago went viral this week.

During her “audit” of the museum for its “liberal bias,” Fox found what she claimed to be “many examples of inconsistencies and the Field Museum’s insistence that people support opinion as fact without proof,” going on to declare that the museum was not an example “of how the scientific method works.”

At the outset of the video, Fox reads aloud a display regarding the evolution of “eukaryotes” — a word she didn’t even know how to pronounce. Eukaryotes are microscopic animals that initially evolved as single-cell life forms, but which later became multicellular, leading to complex life forms.
After brushing it off as “100 year-old science,” she laments that the display “makes no sense.”

She then moved on to a display of fossils, but warned any potential viewers not to tell her how they came into existence, because “you don’t have a clue.”

“I don’t want to hear about your theories – your stupid theories about how these creatures became – came from one cell when you can’t prove it to me.”

“Just show me the animals, tell me about them,” she continued. “But don’t tell me that you know exactly how they came to be, because you don’t, and don’t tell my children that you know either, that makes me angry.”

“I would prefer we just tell them, ‘it’s okay not to know,’” she added.

But the most bizarre part of the video is when she enters the dinosaur exhibit.

Seriously…she starts talking about “dragons.

“There’s plenty of people around the world throughout the ages who wrote these stories about dragons, drew pictures of dragons, who said they saw dragons. And then we have this dragon skull, that looks exactly like a dragon that people have drawn from stories.”

“And yet, here’s this woman in a lab coat saying to me, ‘That is not a dragon.’”

Watch a condensed version of her video below. You can find her entire 30-minute video here.

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